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Clinton River Cutoff Boater Access Site Open

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Impressed by the Michigan DNR Parks Division Mt. Clemens this year! They're on the ball having the perennially silted in Clinton River Cutoff Boater Access Site dredged out 2 weeks ago!

From the Mt. Clemens unit manager Duane Askew, "We completed the dredge a couple of weeks ago. We are experiencing lots of debris on all of the ramps and out on the lake. I would advise all to use caution out on the lake as the heavy rains have pushed some large timber out of the rivers and into the lake."

So check the ramp any time you get there for floating debris. And be vigilant on the water for large floating objects. They don't all stick out real visible either remember.

Looking at the Huge waves and howling East wind at my house.  Hopefully it won't get filled back in today. 


MDNR manager says they have no plans to close any ramps.

The rampant rumor is that Crocker is moving next door.  I was also told by the ramp attendant at nine mile that they are going to be making some big changes there - potentially moving the ramp towards the end of the breakwall / pier.   Hopefully SCS coordinates with the DNR so both Crocker and 9 mile aren’t impacted at the same time.


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