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My latest Bladed Jig...

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; We would come visit you when your in prison.  Maybe even bake you a cake with a hack saw blade in it.  :)

Who has time to scour the Internet looking for every do-it-yourselfer making their own lures?? And what could that possibly be worth? Would think they'd be busy going after all the commercial ventures that are selling bladed jigs?? Wouldn't that make them more money than stopping you?? Very weird...

Maybe you have an ecommerce website I don't know about...

Reminds me of some of the ridiculous things I saw on YouTube - anglers were posting videos showing themselves catching bunches of big fish on a little company's lure and the company owners were telling them that by mentioning their lure by name in their video they were committing a trademark infringement... What the?!? "Hi! I just caught all these big bass on an awesome new lure but I can't tell you the name because the maker will sue me. Hopefully you can figure out the name somehow because you'll want to buy some too!"

The best one I saw was the owner's wife posting on a bass fishing video of a 16 year old kid that he was going to be sued if he kept using the name of the lure in his video... huh??


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