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Thanks to all the volunteers of the 2008 TBF of MI Jr State Championship


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I wanted to make sure all of the awesome persons who volunteered and helped make the 2008 TBF of Michigan Jr a huge success get the thanks they deserve. It was the best event yet thanks to a lot of hard work by persons who understand we can't just fish and hope things work out on their own. We have to make a difference.

If I forget someone, please know it was not on purpose. Someone please refresh my memory for the additional names I have not listed.

First, thanks again to the Kevin Moore family for providing us with an outstanding location and facilities to host our event. Kevin helped out in many ways!

And with that, thanks for TBF board member Brian Belevender for doing the footwork to make this possible through his club connection with Kevin Moore. Brian was also a boater volunteer.

Thanks to the other board members who helped out including TBF youth co-chairs Anthony Adams and Jack Cahn who ran the event and also both were boaters. Also present as boaters and helpers were president Dennis Beltz, sponsor chair Dave Reault, co-sponsor chair Jeff Kellogg and Treasurer John Serniak.

Other boaters / volunteers included members j690 (Jay Ahonen), 5alive (Jeff Harris), Bass Pro Shops Doug (Doug Phillips), motocross269 (Brian Bennett), and Bernadette Phillips and Todd Glover.

It was a blast....Those kids can fish...The Kids that I talked to during the event were extremely polite and courteous..I believe that shows that parents spending time with their kids on the water will reap huge benefits down the road..
I will plan on trying to be there again next year...My daughter will be eligible in about 6 years so watch out guys she can catch them..

I look forward to that... we need more females. I think we had 2 or 3 this time.


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