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joshimoto son:
var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I made these with all LureCraft Products.

These are actually going down to a guy in Florida to thank him for taking me fishing for two weekends. Took me 9 hours to make up 30 total. (Not Cheap as far at time goes)

Solid bodies with salt so they'll get down a little better.

I poured them, painted them and put the eyes on, then I dipped them to keep the eyes on and give it that "glossy" look.

joshimoto son ;D

Nice Dude!

Are you getting away from the dipping method completly or is this just a custom job for your boy?

Also, regarding y our bachelor party.....is it B.Y.O.S.?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

McCarter  himself :-\'

what water temps are good for swim baits.
  i threw one wed night on cass for a while.  it sure looked good in the clear water.  Unfortunatley i was the only one who thought so.  didn't get a hit. 

joshimoto son:

No... I just thought it would take me too long to make up the tube bodies...AND I wanted to get him some bigger baits. they have fish that will eat a 6" swimbait down there.

By the Way... B.Y.O."S?"

I'm not sure about how well these things are going to go over up here. I've caught one pike and have had a few bites so far... but I know what you mean, what self respecting bass would not want to eat something with that kind of action. I've had some follow ups, nothing big though.
I'm just wondering if the color or pattern is going to be a key factor.
I'm also willing to bet that, real soon, some bluegill colored ones will tell the tail if they're gonna work or not.

joshimoto son ;D


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