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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; This website forum sends out quite a bit of email to members and new members for various reasons. Some of the major email providers like Gmail, Aol and Hotmail in particular are increasing their spam filters and methods to the point the our email is often routed to your spam folder or blocked completely without you ever knowing it.

If you try to create a new member account on you should receive an activation confirmation email within a few seconds to a couple minutes. If you haven't received this email within 15 minutes something has happened to the email - sent to your spam folder or blocked by your email provider.

What You Can Do

* After 15 minutes, look in your spam folder. Most email providers give you one. (You may need to log on to your account on the Internet with a browser rather than using your computer/phone email client.)
* If you don't find the activation email in your spam folder: You will need to do this step logged in to your email on the Internet browser - go to your email account address book and add these 2 email addresses to your contacts - and
* Return to the forum and try to log in with your new username. You should see a link that will allow you to resend your activation email. Click that link.
* Check your email account again for the next 15 minutes including your spam folder again.
If you still don't find your activation email after the 2nd try your email provider is probably blocking it completely.

In this case, please contact me with the same email address you are using to create your new member account at telling me the account username you created (I DON'T NEED YOUR PASSWORD EVER). Make sure you have added the 2 email addresses above to your own email contacts list first.

This will let me know your email account is valid and that you can't finish activating your account. I can also check your new member account settings because sometimes the reason you don't receive your activation email is simply a typo in the email address you entered when you signed up. I can fix that too.

I will manually activate your new member account for you as soon as I can get to my admin account. You will get another automated email that your account is now active and I will also reply personally to you by responding to your email. Hopefully, you will get one of those so you know you can now log in.

If you don't hear from me after two days try logging in anyways to see if I activated your account but you didn't receive my email. If your account is still saying you need to activate it I may not have gotten to your email yet (in the rare case I'm traveling or working a show or some other multi-day distraction). You can email me again just in case there's still a problem that I'm not seeing.

I will get your account activated as long as I know you're a real angler who wants to participate with a valid email address. I want and appreciate ALL new members!! I apologize that this sometimes happens. If it wasn't for the spammers all of this would work much easier. That's just the way things are these days.


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