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Saginaw River Walleye Hawgfest


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; By Mike Gronski
1st ANNUAL HAWGFEST.. MARCH 11th & 12th***HERE SUEY, SUEY!!*** read on!!

ICE!!! The rivers are plugged up with flow ice and partially frozen in some areas. DON'T PUT AWAY THE ICE GEAR JUST YET!! I predict ice fishing in less than two days. The rivers have substantial current from the freak thunderstorms on Thursday and Friday.

I'm taking a roadtrip to check the Bay this afternoon and I will post my findings either tonite or tomorrow morning. Boat fishing is pretty much out of the question right now.

It sure would be nice to get some hard water fishing in this year!!

Anyone interested in a money tournament, "THE 1st ANNUAL HAWGFEST", should call Tom Hartley @ 989.781.2747 and let him know. It is March 11-12. I am in!!

Is this a team event? Is it on the river or the bay.

it looks like its a singles event (like date night at the Holiday Inn) but for more info go to ...  I think it is suppose to be on the river, but they were checking the Bay out to see.


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