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How to Attach a Graphic Image to Your Forum Post

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Very nice, quick and clean flash movie (you need the flash player browser plugin to watch) on how to attach a graphic image file (jpg, gif or png formats) to your forum post courtesy of jcheetam! If you get a dialog box asking if you want to allow the web page request to close the window, just click the No button.

Click here for the popup/separate window version of the demo or click the 'Click to begin' button below to watch it in this post.


I was beginning to wonder if you were going to use that....I can send you an updated version if you like that doesn't have the "close window" pop-up at the end...I wasn't envisioning this being played in a post, but in a pop-up, so, let me know...

I'm running behind on everything... as usual. I may well put this into the resources area as a popup too when I get time, but it seemed most needed here where most people will look for it. Guess I could set it up as a popup here - that may work better since some persons need to look at the forum and the how-to. If you get the time to do a no popup version, that would be nice too for the forum post version.

BTW, to all members, if you have already uploaded a graphic image somewhere on the Internet, you can put that into your post using the IMG tags around the full web address to the graphics file.


The single quotes should not be there - I just put them there so you can see the text (and the forum won't try to convert to the picture).

Some online picture web sites have the links already built for you so you just copy from there and paste into your post here. Look for the version that has the '[IMG]' beginning tag.

Wow - You guys are on another level  ;D How about I just bring some pictures to show on May 3

I sure am glad we have folks like you guys....

Don L

@#$@#%!@# NERDS!!!! ;D (cheetam's a bigger nerd than me too!! :o)

The old low tech method of just bringing pictures still works too - you just can't show as many people as fast ;D


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