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Bed Fishing

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I'm all for bed fishing! It's as much fun as topwater, maybe more!


Bed fishing is fine with me.  I think there are some people who do not like the fact that we catch them and then let them go at the boat ramp after weigh-in, which is potentially very far from the bed they were caught on.

 Im Pro Bed fisherman. Theres always a skill to it especially with largemouth. As the last post from ronhuntfish says I think that some people have problems with us catching them in tourneys and releasing them so far away. I fish alot on the westside and have a few jewels of lakes that always have good bed fish in them and it does concern me about the fish  i take as along with the others. Its about a 70 mile run to get to them and they've been hit hard the last few years. but alot of the fish are coming prespawn coming in from lake michigan. so we'll see.-skeeterman-

My opion! When we have a tour. in a lake stay in that lake. Everything else no run, it would at least keep them in same bodt of water. Besides its to expensive to run so far these days. Just my thoughts .


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