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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I am in the market for some unpainted football and flippin' jigs.  I have looked at Jann's, Barlow's and some where else but I don't remember.  Does anyone have a good source for jigs, skirts and rattles.  I'm not ready to start pouring my own just yet.



 I use stamina quality components and Do-it molds. I make all my own jigs what kinda heads you looking for? they have alot of jigs on staminas website painted or unpainted. there skirts are also very nice but pay attention some of them are crap!-skeeterman-


I make all my own spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, and jigs. I have used Janns, Stamina, Barlows, and Lure Components. They are all good companies and you will need to price shop between the three. I found the prices, support, and speed of shipping from Janns have been the best. The problem with jigs is if you are going to paint them you need to buy them unpainted without the weed guards not pre glued in them.  After you paint the jig you just super glue the weed gaurds in.  Unfortunately none of these companies sell a good unpainted head without the weed gaurd already in.  If you go to tackleunderground.com there is a jig pourer on there that will sell you some sweet heads for a really good price.  Ohterwise buy some painted heads and always use a sillicone skirt material (there is a custom skirt guy on tackleunderground also who makes a lot of different colors that is not offered in any of the bait companies listed in this post).  PM me if you need any other info and I will see if I can give you some help.

I use Jann's football heads. You can mix sizes to order your hundred and get bulk prices. They have held up pretty good for me. For jig rattles I used Falcon rattle straps. Hope this helps.


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