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Hank Parker...on LSC

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Mr Clapper was mentioned today on Hank Parker's show.....Way to go...Hank Parker and his son were fishing LSC...Great show.

A mention and a forum 'sighting' in one day. I haven't seen that episode yet. I really don't need to watch more TV, but I've been fishing show deprived for a long time and been going crazy with the DVR recently. I think I have the Hank Parker episode saved on one of the recorders. I'm watching Fishers of Men Outdoors right now. Didn't know they had a show too? I'd like to see the LSC Hank Parker show. Did he throw a spinnerbait? ;D

Very cool.  Hey, I didn't know FOM had a show.  What channel?  I don't have Versus, so I don't get to see Hook and Look.  Grr.  Please tell me this one is on Outdoor Channel or ESPN...

FOM Outdoors is on ILife tv. I think that is the only channel it is on in my area.

Hmm.  Never heard of that channel.   :(


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