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2008 State Championship Entry???


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I looked but didn't see anything about entrys for the bass boys for the 2008 state championship on Burt/Mullet.  Any info yet, paid my dues already want to make sue I get in this year.
Thanks, Matt

The deadline is May 24 - we have plenty of time.

I'll have an online option to pay up within a few days and send an email out to everyone about entry who wants to mail in. I need a day off from shows and the day job (just got home an hour ago from the latest fun day :o) to see where exactly I'm at with boaters and nonboaters. I've just gotten in a few more nonboaters - which is nice. I'm going by the date members paid dues for this year again and I believe Matt, that you got in early.

Trying to get a day off very soon to play my own catchup.

We just finalized the arrangements for the state park and are almost ready to put up the new web site design at (new webmaster working on it).

Sounds good.  Thanks for everything you do for the TBF, just reading the posts takes some time so I know you've got some serious time into it.

I don't try to read them all anymore ;D I do watch for ones that I should read. Sometimes I miss them.

I have tomorrow off so it's catchup time for part of the day...

Any info yet?  Just making sure I didn't miss anything, I know the deadline is at the end of the month.


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