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CANCELED Complete details for the 2017 MLSC Lake St Clair bass fishing outing

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Most of the people we will be taking out probably have never backed in a trailer..If we could get as many volunteers to help back the rigs in and park them that would probably help a ton....It sounds like that launch can be a PIA and if the boater has to launch then park his rig and make his way back that is really going to tie things up..Same with , when it becomes time to load..

Most likely the anglers will not be good at backing in trailers and parking. I would love to have some volunteers to help with that but finding them and getting them down there is proving difficult so far. I have asked. Will do it if I can get a few warm bodies down there.

At this time, it appears we have the launch fee situation taken care of so boaters will not have to pay the daily $15 launch fee. TBF of Michigan will be covering it. Say thanks to Dave Reault when you see him.

UPDATE: 5/10/2017 11:14PM - the May 15 event has been canceled at this time due to the unexpected death of State Representative John Kivela. I will be sending out messages and notices to all persons tomorrow. Unknown at this time if we will reschedule for later this summer, or hold off until next spring. Thank you. Dan

Got the info Dan...Thanks....Very sorry for the loss..


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