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The Bass Federation of MI 2008 Jr State Championship youth Date & Location

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Sorry - we finally got the web site wrinkles out, so now the email addresses have to be set up again with the new host. The email addresses were messed up because of the partially switched over site. I meant to put up a post last weekend letting everyone know.

Updated Info: If you need any help finding the house or on the way in that morning, this is the number for our host Kevin Moore: 810-664-4128.

We could use a 2 or 3 more boats.

You can launch at the MDNR ramp if ou want. There is plenty of parking at the private ramp, but it may take a little bit to launch everyone if we aren't all there early enough.

If launching at the state ramp, shoot straight across the lake very left a little - look for the big grass hill and tents we are putting up Friday evening. There's 300' of sea wall to park along. Thanks to everyone who chooses to make a difference!


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