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Time for 2008 Bass Boys TBF Dues

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; To fish the Big water tourneys next year we will be looking at close to 500 dollars in license fees....Michigan, Canada, walpole, ohio, passport...etc....OUCH.
I live on the eastside so I need to get a passport anyway...
The guys fishing TBF and the BFL will be able to somewhat justify the expense because those licenses will cover them for 4 of the 5 BFLs...
Passports are good for 10 years...(if my memory serves me)

Too many question marks and not enough time to wait for answers that may not come until April/May. From what we have been told, the only thing that will change is the exact date passports are required. Boat ramps are ports-of-entry, which is why you are seeing more Border Patrol officers parked at the ramps.

Sometime next summer, you can expect some of us will be questioned at the ramp and may be asked to show a passport. As an organization, we have to prepare for that differently than individuals do. As a host state, we have to treat our guest states differently than localized circuits and professional circuits can get away with.

As a board, we have to think what is best for everyone, not just each of our own personal interests. That's what screws up a lot of organizations.

Thiks is way off topic but...

From personal experience everyone should have a passport anyway...You never know what might come up and it takes a few weeks to get one. 
During my deployment we had to jump through hoops to try to get families overseas to visit wounded soldiers because they didn't think ahead and get a passport....In Europe you can't drive anywhere without one...If someone from your family runs into problems overseas or even Canada you don't want to have to wait to get cleared without a passport.   

My only question about the passport thing is, how can one prove that they did NOT go into Canadian if the water they are fishing is has an international border? This whole thing has the potential of creating a monster headache for everyone involved.

Skip Johnson:
I wonder how this is going to effect the FLW tour and the BFL on the dt river?
if canada goes off limits it will hurt alot of guys including myself, I will have my passport but I bet most co's wont.
what a crummy rule, if your not going ashore or anchoring we shouldnt need a passport.


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