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Time for 2008 Bass Boys TBF Dues

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Well, inland waters. 1 tournament on Indian Lake, which I like, it's all pads. 1 on Grand Lake St.Marys, which I hate. I have fished 8 tourney's there and have caught 1 keeper. Ohio had the State Championship there 2 years ago and out of 160 anglers, there were 34 keepers caught in 2 days. The other 3 are on the Ohio River, YUK! Fished Tanners Creek in another Ohio TBF tourney, finished 20something with 1 fish that went 1.75. With the exception of Burt-Mullet and St.Clair, Detroit River and Sandusky Bay are within driving distance where I won't have to spend the night. I have someone that pays my entries and I really want to fish Michigan again so I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Forgot to mention what a great time I had last year up there, and I'm looking forward to your spring open! After fishing the Michigan Division, I guess I'm kind of spoiled now!

Yes... we forget sometimes just how lucky we are.

I've been looking for more information on this topic and I think I might have found something. This is from the DHS website:

"The departments have also identified unique circumstances for specific groups of travelers that warrant permitting the use of alternative documents.

U.S. citizens on round trip cruise ship voyages that originate and end in the United States may present a government-issued photo ID and birth certificates, Consular Reports of Birth Abroad or Certificates of Naturalization."

I thought about that fact tonight as today opens the registration for the Michigan Division. Being that our tournaments originate and end in the U.S. I would think that would also applie to us.

I read that too, but I believe it is a concession to the cruise ship industry since they take a whole bunch of people on a sort of closed trip in a regulated industry. I don't think it will apply to individuals or two in a private boat that can go just about anywhere on a trip not ruled by a scheduled path.

It never hurts to consider all options though and to see if we can piggyback with another existing option.


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