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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I guess I'll have to get a passport also. It'll be just like having a license for all adjoining water. Where would I go to find the applications and paperwork? I guess anyone that fishes Erie, St.clair and anyother body of water that borders Canada will need a passport, and not just fisherpeople either. Pleasure boaters as well. You see quite a few boats heading to Canada form Port Clinton and Marblehead.

I have not heard anything about FLW getting any letters about the Detroit River events. I believe FLW will leave this up their rules that cover anglers having the personal responsibility to know and follow required laws and regulations. That may change if they get some kind of official notice as some tournament groups have in other parts of the Great Lakes.

If you have your passport, the worst that can happen is a bad-timed delay if you are told to check-in at an official border crossing - odds are really low in that. The odds go up that you could be delayed and late if you don't have a passport and are checked once the full rule is implemented, but odds are still low that anything will happen.

The odds are not zero though and again, based on letters received from certain parts of the Great Lakes, we can expect some increase in exposure to officers at boat  ramps near the borders. It is quite a bit worse in the eastern end of Lake Ontario at the moment. Hopefully, it won't get like that here. I think our collective behavior will have some impact on that.

As dashaver63 says, when we ask for as specific interpretation as possible, we keep getting similar responses - since they can't be sure we landed or not, we better have a passport or expect the likelihood of a longer delay including possibly being told to head to an official inspection site - obviously not conducive to timed tournament fishing.

I will say what I always say - if stopped, be very professional and polite. Don't do anything to raise suspicion or show a possible lack of respect for the importance of their task. They need to be able to clearly and easily determine your nationality first and foremost, and the officer has to be satisfied before you will be allowed to go about your business.

The one bass tournament angler I actually witnessed have a problem with a border incident (okay, other than our two illustrious members and their suspicious ‘face mask incident’) actually ended up tackled in his bass boat by several officers at the check-in. I heard him using inadvisable language and showing what appeared to be some expectation that because he was in a tournament, he didn’t have time for the officers.

Needless to say, he did not participate in the weigh in at that event. It was over fast and I never did find out exactly what started the whole mess.

One other thing to keep aware of - the official National Threat Advisory level definitely affects their behavior and the actions taken in border areas - you can check the threat level - elevated to Orange/High today for air travel because of the holiday:

dashaver62: Post Offices are the most common place to get them. Not all Post Offices though. Their are over 9,000 places to get one.

Go to this web site to search for the place closest to you - Passport Acceptance Facility Search Page:

Dan, could you update this thread as you find out more about this situation. I would really like to know how FLW plans to handle this, If I don't have to I would rather not have to shell out more money for a passport. I guess I could always fish the Buckeye division, but then again I won't fish them at all if that my only choice.

Okay - I haven't talked to FLW about this topic yet. Will be talking to them sometime soon.

Is the Buckeye Division going with Ohio waters only?


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