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Local guide?


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; A guy at my work wants to see about a one day charter for anytime the week of May 16th. He wants to fish for something he can keep, like those googly eye fish thingys. Anyone recommend a guide for him please?

Jon Bondy is still running charters out on the DR. Runs them in a nice ChampioN too. I'm not sure what his contact number is , but I fished with him up here one day. Really nice guy and knows his stuff.

Nobody knows a walleye guide? Contact info? Any help at all? Please?

Joel Piatek

Have used him multiple times.

There are some good guides out of Luna Pier. By May16 the walleye should be in the lake. Guides there both troll and drift.


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