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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Steve,

Congrats on your big win. 

I had a question about your MinnKota TM.  Do you use a 52" or 62" shaft TM?  I assume it is 52".  I currently have a 45" motorguide that is nearly useless when trying to hold a spot in the real big swells.  I do like the MG Tm's but their 52" shaft comes with the same mount as the 45" shaft.  So when the TM shaft is down all the way and you store it, the motor hangs off the mount.  You have to loosen the shaft mount and slide it up until the motor head is on the mount.  This is not acceptable when bobbing over big swells.

Does the MinnKota 52" shaft have a bigger mount so you can store it with the shaft all the way down? 

I tried asking the MK reps at the FLW show, but they didn't know for sure. 

Thank you!

Just got a MAX Pro 80 with the 52" shaft and the bracket is bigger. Works great on the big water.  The only problem is when your in shallow water it's still quite aways down in the water, I still wouldn't go back to the short shaft.


If we could all only afford two boats...? The shallow water speed demon with the short TM, and the big water tank with the long long TM for those wonderful windy days when the swells make us think of that last scene in The Perfect Storm...

I think Steve is wrapped up getting ready for the Wonderland Open this weekend, but I'll be talking to him then for more info. He has provided some great information for the web site, but it is me, not him that is holding it up. I'm working on some things - pictures, format and video - as fast as I can.

FWIW-I'm not Steve, not even close, but i have a ranger 621 with a MK 101 with a 62" shaft and the mount is plenty large enough for the motor.

I'm not Steve either, but I am the Minn Kota rep for MI.  I wasn't at the FLW, but to answer your question, Yes, the mount on the Maxxum 52" is larger than the 42" and the motor will not hang off the end if stowed all the way down.

Steve is running a 52" shaft.


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