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Mr Lake Erie, Mr $200,000 Man!! Clapper Dominates Detroit River FLW Tour Event

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Call him Mr. Lake Erie! Call him the $200,000 man! Or just call him one of the nicest and hardest fishing tournament anglers out there - Steve Clapper of Lima Ohio finished atop the field of 200 pros today at the 2007 FLW Tour Chevy Open on the Detroit River with a dominating performance over four days of wideranging winds and waves!

Clapper averaged over 22 pounds per day despite wild weather changes and conditions from calm to extremely rough. A huge crowd watched and cheered on at the Detroit Cobo Center Arena as Steve went back to his livewell to retrieve 2 more bass he 'forgot' to put in his bag.

With 3 bass already in the in-the-water weigh in tank weigh 13 pounds, the rest of the field new even 1 more fish would win it for Clapper. But being this is possibly the best Lake Erie smallmouth angler out there, the rest of the field expected Steve top everyone with 2 more keepers.

Clapper did not disappoint as he whipped out the two 'lost' fish from his boat livwell to end out doubt who was at least the master of Lake Erie this time around!!!

Expect a lot more from Steve and about this giant event and all that went on in conjuction with it.

YES!!! That's how you put a tournament away!

Congratulations to Steve, a great fisherman and a class act!  Great, great job!

Way to go Steve.

I already chimed in on my blog but I'll say it here as well:

Congratuations, Steve! Your accomplishment means not only well-deserved paycheck for you and your family, but that the rest of bass fishing may now have some idea of just how special you are to our sport and to Great Lakes smallmouth fishing in general.

A big congratulations to Steve.

Don't forget everyone, there's a great drop shot article on Dan's site that share all of Steve's secrets! I'm horrible ain't I??


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