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Just Talked to First Day FLW Tour Chevy Open Leader Steve Clapper...

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Just talked to our very own Steve Clapper a few minutes ago... he was sitting in the boat getting his stuff ready for another day on the big Lake Erie tomorrow trying not to think too much about being the first day leader of the FLW Tour Detroit River Chevy Open!!! 22 pounds!!! Way to go Steve!!!

I just wished him good luck. Said many of us would be rooting for him and hoped things went his way again tomorrow.

The water and the fish are taking a beating from these winds, but it sounds like things get one day to settle just a little.

Check out this good interview on to hear a little about how he went about taking the lead in his first FLW Tour event:

I don't think I could sleep much if that was me.....I sure would like to be in a position to win like that.  Good luck Steve........

Ditto what motocross said. Congrats on the awesome start, Steve!  Wack 'em tomorrow... and the next day... and the next... :)

Show all those from down south how we do it up here and the tournaments should keep coming back!

Nice job Steve!


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