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Video Flipping a Timber Pile Big Tomahawk Creek Flooding


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Been a while so time for a new video bass fishing Big Tomahawk Creek Flooding in October a few years back. It was windy, rough and tough on the big smallie lakes so I headed over for some lumber largemouth fishing. It was tough and slow there too with the wind pushing hard into the spots but I was able to let my boat drift into a log pile and then use the wind to hold me there while I worked the cracks and crevices over and over to get as many bass as I could out of the little log pile.

Great video to show how the fish were bunched up in the fall.

Thanks for the feedback!

I went back to the same woodpile another fall and caught like 15 bass out of it including several within 3-4 feet of the boat but it was raining off and on so I didn't get video that time. It's a fun lake to practice pitching and flipping.

I think Dan had Kim Stricker hooking fish to his jig under water...  :P

I have fished that lake many, many times. It don't have the big fish like it used too. The campers catch and eat them a lot.  :'(

It's a fun lake to fish.

The campers do like to eat them but luckily they don't catch them all... I haven't caught a quality bass in a while like 4 or better but a June post-spawn trip and another early fall trip both produced lots of solid keepers offshore. Very scenic too.


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