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Confirmation of VHS in L. Michigan


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; May 29, 2007 -- The first cases of the deadly fish disease known as VHS have been found in Lake Michigan, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources announced Thursday.

DNR Secretary Scott Hassett told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that a brown trout washed up on shore near Algoma in early May and has since tested positive for viral hemorrhagic septicemia, making it the first recorded case of VHS in the western Great Lakes. Read the full story to get the details.

Also very disturbing, VHS has been found in our first inland lake - Budd Lake right in the middle of the state near Harrison.

Found in some inland lakes in Wisconsin too.

I heard that Budd Lake lost a lot of musky and some panfish also.  I didn't hear about any bass dying, but it is too bad to hear about the loss of all of those musky since that is pretty much what Budd Lake is known for.

It seems strange that the first inland lake that VHS is found in is so far from any great lake and it is a pretty small body of water.


Yes... anxious thoughts are being whispered about. Maybe more to come soon. Hopefully not.


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