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Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act still on!


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; H$U$ (the anti-hunting, anti-fishing, anti-pets, money-bilking, not a humane society, misleading-named, wants all living things to have equal rights to humans, Washington DC-based humane society of the United States) found a federal judge who ruled on a technicality that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service can't remove endangered species by region. This means the USFWS ruling that the Great Lakes region gray wolves are off the list does not count.

This puts Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin wolves back under federal control, on the endangered species list and takes away state control including hunting seasons even though wolves number in the several thousand in these 3 states.

First, this means NOTHING to our Scientific Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act we passed in Michigan. The SFWCA still becomes the law in mid-March ensuring all species (except Mourning Doves and endangered species listed animals like gray wolves) are managed by science, not emotion, the ballot box or the radical nut jobs at H$U$.

The SFWCA will be the law of Michigan. Once the wolves ruling is challenged through another court or through Congressional action as it will be and we get rid of this technicality that is a judge's opinion not common sense or what is best for wolves, wolves will also be managed using sound science.

Hopefully once we are done with this H$U$ will have one less way to bilk people out of 100 Million dollars-plus  per year from people who think they're donating to puppies, kitties and animal shelters even though H$U$ actually only gives a measly 1% of their money each year to pet shelters (they don't run any - 63% of their money goes towards raising more money and almost 1/4 goes to offshore investments that also help no pets). If you want to do yourself and others a favor make sure you share with people that H$U$ is not a true humane society and they only give 1% of their money each year to pet shelters. Tell them to give locally to real pet shelters and local, real humane societies if they want to help animals.


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