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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Yes, Steve Clapper has won more money on the big water than almost anyone I know of. Every tourney on Erie or anyother big water he fishes, he'll have a top 5 at least. I know he also make long runs for his fish if he has too. 2 years ago I believe when the Everstart had there first one out of Cleveland, he was still runnung to Pelee, and it wasn't the best weather either. I hope I get the chance fish with him sometime, I just want to see the man at work.

I have followed steve for awhile and one thing he has done for me is show that this is not just a young mans sport, if you have the time to pre-fish, you can win. I always judged how well I was doing in a BFL as to were I fell in place to Steve or D.Rowe 8)

I met Steve for the first time on Saturday prior to blast off.  What a gentleman.  Genuinely nice guy.  I can't imagine anyone will have anything negative to say about him.  I hope to talk to him more in the future even if it's just to shoot the bull.


I was LUCKY to draw Steve in a BFL. I thought I new how to drop shot until the master showed me what it was about. We made the long ride to Steve's area of choice. I caught a "big" 14" smally Steve catches a 4 lb.
Then the lesson started, He showed me how I should be rigging the drop shot and then the fun started. I think Steves limit was 19 or 20 lbs that day, I finished with 4 for just under 14lb. the last 3 avg. about 4 lb just ran out of time for the fifth.
If your ever around Steve and he is talking LISTEN he is the master. I can't wait to read what Steve has to say.


Maybe... you'll be able to 'listen' to him right here...?

Answer to the question coming this Monday... stay tuned. I think you'll like it.


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