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Above Reedsburg Dam 6-29

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; My friend and I went and fished/explored the flooded area (thick swamp) above the Reedsburg Dam. We got on the water about 6:30 am the mosquito and black flies at the launch site were almost unbearable but once on the water away from shore they weren't too bad. It is a very cool looking place the lily pad fields were giant. We saw what I could only guess were massive carp jumping and rolling around in the thick pads. We caught 2 keeper largemouth and a bunch of small ones all of these swamp donkeys were very dark. As well as a fair number of Pike 2 were pretty big but most were small. My buddy out did me catching about 12 or so with the big bass(gonna guess about 16-17") and big pike of the day he caught all his fish on a #1 meps. I caught about 8 fish all together my keeper largemouth 15" ish came on a 2.5 square bill (blue and yellow) I also got few on the 2k lil punk and another one on a white fluke and the rest on a meps. A storm rolled up on us and was blowing really hard so we paddled like hell to get out of there luckily the wind was blowing us back towards my truck. As soon as we got back to shore and loaded the truck it rained cats and dogs. We also saw a Eagle standing on its nest and paddle close to a loon. That kinda stuff never gets old to me. All in all it was a great day in a cool spot.

Is this the first time fishing up there? I used to fish below the dam a lot when i was in high school and my dad still does for bluegill. But when i come back on leave I'm trying to find good kayak areas to fish. And reeds burg is only a 20min drive.

Duck hunted there many times! Never fished it sounds like ya had a blast.

I have fished the Muskegon coming out of Houghton lake to the spot we put in at and didn't have much luck how ever I think that it holds fish also below the dam to that up river of the boat launch just on the other side of 127 on 55 and that strech is loaded with pike mostly small we caught probably 60 of them. I know of some other good spots if you want to know.

Got Fish??:
I fished the Claim River near Faulmouth Mi when I was teen. Lots of smallmouth, brook and rainbows.  Put in at the dam in town and go up steam.Faulmouth is a nice Small town with a nice general store and a good restaurant.


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