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Read First Before You Buy or Sell Here - For Sale Section Rules


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; First of all, please make sure you have read and are familiar with the full rules of this forum:

This For Sale section is provided as a free benefit to active members of to sell personal items only. Please do not advertise services, items you make/build to sell or multiple items you sell in a business manner on these boards. is a commercial site with paid advertising being the main source of income to keep things going and paid for. The sales rules are here to be fair to the persons/companies that have paid for advertising and/or sponsorship to support including this forum. The rules are also necessary to keep spammers of any level from fillng the forum full of junk and/or competing posts against those who follow the rules.

To help clarify, you can sell items or multiple items for free in the For Sale section of the forum if you and/or someone you are involved with is not making them to sell and the items are things you or another member bought for personal use and now no longer need. For example, you can sell 4 reels on here that you or another member used, but not if you are buying the reels somewhere and then trying to sell them here at a higher price to make money. You can not sell lures, jigs, etc. that you make repeated copies of to make money.

That is a business model, not personal and requires paid advertising to promote on You can not openly promote such items on even if you are sending 'customers' somewhere else to buy, sign-up, etc.

If you have a product and someone asks you about it, you can answer that direct question to that person on the forum. Please do not use it as an opening to post prices lists and buying details, or jump on a post about another product to mention your product is better, cheaper, etc. Those kinds of things can be sent by PM to the person asking as long as they are not unsolicited. Unsolicited messages about sales are considered spam and we have a zero tolerance for spam here. Zero.

The exception being that tournament circuits can post their schedules and details within the calendar and tournament message boards. reserves sole right to leave, remove or edit threads/posts that may violate these rules with or without explanation. If you have any questions about the use of the forum for sales, promotion and/or advertising, please contact us to ask - many members have asked first and that is much appreciated.

If you are possibly interested in advertising, more information is available here: Advertise

Thank you for your understanding.

In addition, takes no responsibility and cannot be held liable to any actions you take on your own regarding selling or buying anything through this web site from another 'member.' You do so at your own risk.

Please be very cautious when dealing with anyone over the Internet that you are not 100% sure you know absolutely very well as scams are rampant and common. Be particularly careful with high dollar items and new members who have not been active before, or not active in a long time.

There are recognized escrow services on the Internet that make buying higher dollar items much safer. uses for all high dollar purchases and sales as of today. That could change at a later date so we do not guaranty that as a safe option without your own due diligence.

There are many trusted resources on the Internet for information about safe purchase practices on the web. We recommend you study them before making purchases or sales. In general, never send wire transfer (Western Union or direct from your money account) to anyone for an Internet purchase or to refund an 'overpayment.' Other than through known, trusted web sites, the level of fraud surrounding this practice is extremely high.


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