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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I will go as a non boater since practice time on the big pond has been minimal the past few years jay

Dan K.,
Are we going to send the checks through you for the State championship??
What is the deadline to have them to you by??

I'm in the 110th in Battle Creek.  Air National Guard.

Dan, I am in as a boater if that is ok.  They are letting me have the weekend off since it is a double whammy with the BFL and TBF.



--- Quote from: djmaclf on April 03, 2007, 09:41:31 AM ---Any Ideas as of how we will be determining boater / non-boater pairs for the State tournament,  I am looking forward to fishing Lake St. Clair come July 8th.  I would like to be a boater as well.

--- End quote ---

Good question.  Dan, do you have a list of members who intend to fish?

Please email me (djkimmel at if you are coming and your boater/nonboater preference. It will be easier for me that way to build a list of definite interested parties.

I have some anglers who have signed up with boater/nonboater pairs - they guaranty each other. I'm matching the rest of the boaters in the order they joined with the next available nonboater. I'll put together a list of who I think is going so far this weekend (May 19-20) to see - last I knew, I had several more boaters than nonboaters.

Eric, I moved you to Jeff Kellogg's club. Let me know if you have any problems.

I'm about done with coding on a new The Bass Boys 2007 state championship entry page. I'll have it up sometime between tomorrow and Saturday night - instructions on how to send in your entry by check, or you can pay online with a small handling fee from that page too.

If you end up absolutely wanting to be a boater, can't find a new nonboater to sign up to match with you for the event, and/or I don't have a nonboater to match with you, you'll either have to choose to be a nonboater, or I'll return your entry to you if you decide before June 1. After June 1, I need to find a replacement that pays entry to take your spot.

The deadline for the $100 entry to TBF of Michigan is June 1, so I need your entry by 5/31/07. We can send in entries later, but it costs $110 after June 1.

Watch for the new The Bass Boys home page with link to the 2007 state championship entry page very soon. I'll send out an email to everyone and/or call or mail to those I don't have email from or don't hear from soon.


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