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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; We discussed matching FLW entrants and waiting list people up together, but there are still questions and issues with that moment to make is easily feasible while not getting anyone in to trouble. I'll get with the members who want a refund tomorrow.

Question for Dan, did you receive Brian Clarks list, I sent him money for a membership and entry fee as a non-boater and have not heard anything about the tourneyt. I will be contacting him this week. Would you post the tournament details, were the official rules etc etc

Will post them and send them out tonight to my members. Oh. I already did that last night to my members who are signed up already.

Brian Belevender (SC chairman) sent out final details to club presidents 1 or 2 days ago by email.

I'll post them tonight in the TBF board too.


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