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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Any update on this in light of the FLW thing?  I havent paid entry fees until we get final word.  It doesnt affect me because I'm not going to the FLW event but I've been holding off just incase something changes with the Tourney.

How many boaters vs. non boaters?

I'd like to fish it as a boater but I'm guessing you are boater heavy by now.


bshaner, I may lose 3 more guys that I know of, maybe 4 because of FLW and one other issue. TBF of MI board is discussing the issues tomorrow evening so I'll report back Sunday on what is happening and figure at where The Bass Boys is at then. Not really very many entries in for the club.

To everyone,
I have not sent out a complete club email or snail mail. It's been posted and talked about for some time, and I've talked to a lot of the members personally.

The date and location will NOT change this year. We are all set and there are many more members not involved in the FLW event.

We'll know better to watch for this in the future, but we have a short season and only so much can be done with it considering all the other things we have to work around and deal with.

Thanks Dan.  Just a follow up... do you have room for a boater or no?  I may go anyway, but I'm for sure in as a boater.


I have to contact the people who already paid, but can't fish due to being in the FLW Tour event. The TBF board voted to refund their money. I'll probably get in touch with them on Sunday. Then refigure where we are at and make some calls for possible replacements.

if theres a even number let us fish together then the flw will be happy ?


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