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2014 TBF of Michigan State Championship Sunday August 24 UPDATED

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; The 2014 TBF of Michigan State Championship (adult) is scheduled for Sunday, August 24. Launching out of Elizabeth Park on the Lower Detroit River. All waters open except an off limits immediately around the boat ramp to be announced at the pre-tournament meeting.

Entry fee is $100 per angler which includes $5 towards big bass. Each club must send an equal number of boaters and non-boaters. This is a draw tournament with each angler getting 50% of the day for travel to and from their chosen fishing spots and the front of the boat. Anglers work out the details between themselves.

There will be a mandatory registration and pre-tournament meeting following the BFL at Elizabeth Park on Saturday, August 23. Registration runs from 5PM until 6:30PM. Everyone must register by 6:30PM. The mandatory pre-tournament meeting starts at 7PM.

Tournament and livewell checks at Elizabeth Park start at 5AM Sunday morning until 6:15AM. Tournament launch is 6:30AM. Everyone must be checked back in by 2:30PM Sunday.

Read complete details, get tournament rules, club roster forms and personal entry forms at:

I believe the 2014 state team would go to the 2015 TBF Northern Divisional Championship somewhere in Illinois.

I picked up a flyer at the Novi show that said the MI State Championship was in July on St. Clair.  So I'm assuming the August 24th tourney isn't happening?

Bill, the date on the flyer was wrong. We ended up throwing them all away

Don't know how that flier got printed that way? Caused a little confusion. I didn't even notice it the first couple days of the show. I think we are back on August 24 but not sure which end of the system yet. Waiting to hear from Dave Reault about what they've worked out. Might be Detroit River but I guess either is still possible.

is aug 24th confirmed date?
it is conflicting with our club tournament date
I guess nobody in our club knew of the date (ocba)
thanks, derrek


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