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Big dreams:
DK, can you explain what a paper club is?  Do we fish with each other on the same body of water?  I am not familiar with this type of club...


It is a club in name only. Paper clubs generally have no club meetings or club tournaments. I created this club for people who live out-of-state but prefer to fish the Michigan state championship, people who already fish too many tournaments or fish the higher levels so they don't have time to qualify through a club circuit.

Both federations now pretty much allow anyone to fish the state championship since the numbers are not huge like they were a long time ago. It is always up to the clubs how they qualify their teams they send, and without limits, all I have to do is make sure I send a team of an even number of boaters and non-boaters.

You fish the state championship with someone else (not from your club) that you're drawn with at random other than it generally can't be someone from your club.


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