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Time to get The Bass Boys dues in

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; If you are interested in joining this year, maybe fishing the TBF of Michigan state championship, it's time to get 2014 dues in now! There's a state meeting this Sunday, December 8 at the Novi Gander Mountain. I'd like to turn dues in then if possible. I have 3 in so far. Need at least 3 more.

Go to for information on how to join by mail or online. The Bass Boys is a paper club for anglers who don't have the extra time to fish club tournaments or go to club events. I get a few out-of-state anglers too each year which is perfectly allowable but you do need to know that you can only fish 1 state championship/qualifier per year in TBF, Inc. so if you pick to fish TBF of Michigan's state championship don't fish any others.

A benefit of joining The Bass Boys is you get FLW Outdoors membership too for $35 instead of their new annual dues/subscription for tournament members of $45.

I don't have any club dues so 2014 dues are $25 TBF of Michigan + $15 TBF, Inc. (national) + $35 FLW Outdoors for a total of $75.00. If you're a TBF member you have to join FLW Outdoors through TBF. If you're an FLW life member you won't be charged FLW dues, but otherwise you will.

If at least 6 anglers want to join Michigan B.A.S.S. Nation I would consider starting a club for that federation too but I would need 6 and need them fairly soon to avoid dues penalties or the cut off for 2014 a little later.

Team houston:
Dan, what time is the meeting? If you are going to be there I will pay you there.


;D I know. A little late... but glad to see you made it there okay. And you beat me there too. Yeah. Big surprise...

Your dues will be in to Dennis by the weekend or Monday. I have it all made out. Just waiting for an online payment to finish transferring before I drop it in the mail.

With the latest invoices we're at the minimum 6 already so that's good. Looks like I just had 2 more pay online so I'll get those into online roster management tomorrow evening, get the dues transferred and print invoice to mail to Dennis.  We take all comers so if anyone else wants to get in the next 3 or 4 days I can hold the invoices a couple extra days since we'll have our 6 in already.

Just go to for club information and dues instruction - mail in payments or pay online. Thanks!


thank you for organizing this for all of us each year.  I really appreciate it.


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