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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Got a chance to go yak the river on Sunday and had a great time. I wanted to show my brother what the river was all about. We caught about 25 smallies in 5 hours with most of them being small. Best fish were 14,15 and 17 inches. We also got a 15 inch walleye and a handful of rock bass. The water is very clear right now and carp and sucker fish are all over. I saw a couple of good sized smallmouth actually roaming around on top of big carp and directly below them. It was weird but the smallies were definitely hovering so close that it looked like they were touching the carp. All in all it was a fun and enjoyable day

Maybe the smallmouth were trying to figure out a way to eat them?!? ;D

Sounds like another great day on the water! I've always loved river fishing!


I have seen smallies do this on StClair as well as other places. I think the smallies let the carp rummage through the bottom, turning rocks over and do all the work... Then when a craw squirts out, The smallies eat them.

Tom Taylor, a friend of mine that lives 1 mile from me, Makes/Sells a Big Hellgrammite 3.25 that works awesome drop shotted on these clear rivers.... Especially on the "Chip"

I like the Case Plastics Hellgrammite! Don't get enough chance to use them. I should 'make' more chances to use them I guess. I have been using the Case Plastics Lil Magic Stik quite a bit lately drop-shotted for smallies. I've started catching them better on that!

One thing us bass anglers aren't short on is lures to try!!

As far as bass hanging with carp - I've seen this many times over the years with both largemouth and smallmouth bass. I don't know how many times I've thrown a lure at carp during a moment of boredom just to make the carp jump a little and when I would snap the lure past the carp I would hook a really nice bass!!! I do it now on purpose more often for that reason.


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