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Kentucky lake annual trip


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Just returned from my annual trip to kentucky lake on thurs May 9th. It was my 17th yr of getting together with a great group of fellow anglers. Did not have the greatest weather but as always it was a great time. Over the past few yrs some of our kids have started to join us and for the past 4 yrs my oldest son Kevin has been able to tag along. Unfortunately Kevin is never going again because this rotten kid of mine out fished me and caught the biggest bass ( 6.3 lbs ) of the week. In fact it is the biggest bass caught by any of us since I have been fishing with this group. I sound like I'm complaining but in reality I am a very proud father. ( I'm still not taking him next yr. )

Since it is his last Kentucky Lake bass ever... did you at least get a picture of it?!?

What part of the lake did you guys fish?  I have only ever fished KY LK. in August, when it is a deep water bite.  May seems like it would be a much better time to be there.

We fished mostly from Ken Lake Marina to the Moors resort. I stayed more to the west side of lake while some fished the LBL side. The water level was like a yo-yo going up and down as it was 4 ft above summer pool during our trip. The fishing has always been very good in the spring vs the fall. We caught alot of fish this yr but most were in the 14" class. It was still fun to get together with a great group of guys. The lake is a blast to fish and run your boat on.

Yes Dan I have a picture but I don't know how to post it so I will e-mail to you and perhaps you can post it for me. I also need to ask you some questions.


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