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Fish Virus in the Detroit River/Lake St.Clair?

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Does anyone have any info about this? They are Comparing it to the Ebola Virus for Fish?

It's called VHS.  Here's something I googled:

VHS is in Erie and Lake St. Clair in 27 different fish species - there were die offs last year. Humans can not catch VHS.

The MDNR is working on a plan right now for Michigan - here is my initial contribution: Do not take fish from one unconnected body of water to another.

Specifically do not take bass from Erie or St. Clair and 'stock' them into any inland lake!

Thanks for the link/info...

Have you seen any "VHS" infected Fish from Erie or St. Clair yet?

There where quite a few drum floating around Erie last summer.  Didn't notice any problem with the bass though.


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