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I need 2 nonboaters for TBF state championship

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I am 2 nonboaters short right now for my club TBF of Michigan state championship roster for The Bass Boys.

I have had another person contact me about joining and fishing as a boater so i could actually use 3 nonboaters please if anyone has any extras.


When is the TX?  What are the fees associated with fishing it?

The tournament is Sunday, June 2nd on Burt / Mullett Lakes.

There is local no club dues, but you need to be a TBF state ($25) and national ($15) member, along with an FLW Outdoors member ($35) = $75.

Entry fee is $100 for the tournament. Nonboaters get half the day to run the front of the boat and pick the fishing locations if they choose during this tournament.

$175 total to fish the event unless you are already a member of any of those things above.

The top 12 (+ 13th place as the alternate) from the 2013 state championship will make the TBF of Michigan state team and fish next September in Michigan at the TBF Northern Division Championship - probably somewhere on St. Clair and/or Lake Erie for a shot at the FREE National Championship, and shots at the BFL All-American and Forrest Wood Cup.

Give me a couple of days to convince my wife, and I may be in!
I have wanted to fish TBF state champ. tx for years, and just never made it happen.

I might be in, I am fishing the bfl the day before, let me talk the wife into it as well.


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