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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; I would like to get started in tournaments. Any advice on good ones to start out on? I think  I should do the co-angler for starters to get a good feel. I'm from the downriver area (Elizebeth park). I have years of experience inland and grew up down here and have been fishing it heavy for the last couple yrs. Never fished St.Clair though..Thanks

I would look at joining a Club...There are alot of good clubs in this area to choose from....Go to the BASS Federation or the TBF federation web page to find something that interests you...Make sure you search for a "Tournament" club and not one that is just on paper to allow its members to compete in the state and National events...

I would also seriously consider fishing the BFLs as a Co angler....You are close to the Detroit river launch and If memory serves me correctly they are launching 2 or 3 times out of Elizabeth park..

If you get serious about it give me a PM and I will help you with what I can...I am fishing the Everstart as a Co and that launches out of Elizabeth park but that is later on in the year but I am sure there is someone that you could link up with in the BFLs that could help guide you through your first couple....

Don't listen to all the horror stories about boaters....I have never had any issues that are worth talking about...Especially on big water, the Co will pretty much always be on fishable water and doesn't have to worry about being blocked out...

Thanks. I did get something from anglers choice about a local tournament and if you fish them all you go to the bigger one or something like that. I know I want to get into the tournaments i'm just not sure to what level. So a co-angler would probably work out. That way I could sort out the whole what to do thing. Rules,regulations, And just see how it all works.

I would personally look into local tournament trails to start with, a club that has tournament will get your feet wet and you will learn the ins and out of it.

I run a local trail over here in Kalamazoo and have many members over the year learn with us then move on to the bigger trails. What really helps is after the first few tournament you will get it figured out and start making friends. You will also find guys that need a partner for a big tournament and will take you along with them.

Thanks Kal. That makes sense. I guess if people see you have the talent then maybe bigger and better things might come of it. I'm gonna start researching local clubs with tournaments. Anyone have any ideas in the se Mich area. Maybe outta Elizebeth park?


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