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Statler Update, Lake St. Clair Conditions 1/19/07


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Lake is cold and gray today with WNW winds at 10-15 mph, water level receded back to 1st quarter conditions after being above normal (over last years weed mark -- US side) with the heavy NE blow Monday/Tuesday.
Water quality is heavily stained from all the wind. Water temp at surface is right at the 32 mark.
The channel dredgers told me that the Middle Channel sand bars are exposed but most likely this is typical with current lower water conditions.
Mergansers, Buffle Head, Scamp and Canvasback ducks finally here in swarms -- they usually show up in numbers when it gets bitter cold.
No ice to speak of -- just some light skim forming in canals and bays. Plenty of perch but most are in the 4-5 inch range -- minnows, mousies and spikes are working, with no particular bait being preferred.
Tons of quarter size bluegills, 2" smallmouth, and emerald shinners in canals and very shallow.

One (Bass) boat out on the lake 2 weeks ago -- hearty souls!! Otherwise no water traffic except freighters.

Great information, especially for us less than hearty souls who may not be on the  water for a while yet - THANKS!!!


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