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2012 Ohio Bow Bucks


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; We got our 2012 Ohio bow kill bucks back from the taxidermist. We shot both of them halloween week. Mine is the one on the right, a big mainframe 10 with a kicker on his left G2. He dressed out at 220 pounds.

nice bucks what part of ohio if you don't mind telling. We are thinking about going to the northwest side this season.

We go to Carrol County my buddies family has a 280 acre farm that we hunt along with other state land in the area. I have always gone down to the southeastern part of the state where there's big hills and deep draws for the deer to hide in which allows the bucks to grow much bigger. If you hit it the right week during the rut when the bucks are cruising it can be great, but if not you have to put allot of hardwork and time in to be successful. I've been going down there for about 5 years now and have gotten something every year. It's definitely worth it. It's nice when you walk into a woodlot and you find tons of rubs on trees that are 3-4 inches in diameter and scrapes that are 3-4 feet in diameter. Definitely different than hunting here in Michigan. I wish our DNR would learn a few things from them especially the one buck rule, maybe then guys would think twice about shooting a little buck.


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