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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; well, August 10th through the 14th my family will be staying on a house boat on The beautiful Dale Hollow lake.  I am very excited for the trip as we will be towing the bass cat down,  however, I am not getting my hopes up because of the time of year, I hear they are tough fish to catch that time of year... Have any of you fished that lake? I have been given guidance to fish at night and to fish the rivers, I would rather not do that if at all possable..  I hear it is absolutely beautiful though!

I've fished it in the spring. My family has rented a houseboat and we bring several fishing boats. Never fished the late summer.
Bring an ultra light setup and use a splitshot rig with night crawlers to catch shellcracker on bluffs and brushes for shell crackers and bluegills. For bass, the Spots are pretty easy to catch on laydowns - jigs and senkos. Never really figured out the smallies down there. It is beautiful and you'll have a great time.

Thanks, where did you get your house boat from?

Unfortunatley, you could NOT be visiting D/H at a worst time!  By mid May D/H is deep into a summer pattern and really tough to fish, during daylight hours.  Plan on fishing dusk/dawn and possibly even after dark.  The locals mostly fish at night after May/June.  For that matter it is a pretty tough fishery year round. 

Make sure to get yourself some BigHammer swimbaits.  This is the GO-TO bait of most of the guides and locals.  You may also want to visit the website:  as it is a wealth of local fishing info.  Not as good as this site, but it is pretty darn good.  You can register and post questions to locals and guides.

I myself went last year in May, and I plan on returning next month.

Good Luck!

We always go to Eagles Cove and usually fish the Wolf River

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