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FLW Walleye league registration??


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Does anyone know when they are going to start the FLW Walleye league registration?? I have been checking the Web site and Nothing.
I know they start the registration for the Walleye tour first week in February.  I know this is Great Lakes BASS..but,  fishing a couple of Walleye tournaments would be a great way to break up the early spring.

I have enough challenge figuring out bass...

Looks like entry will start around the 2nd week of February - they just haven't announce the specifics yet.

I will probably only fish the detroit river one..And that is all about fish as small of jigs as you can get away with..4 lb solar line..and be ready to fight the trolling motor all day.  If I remember right (it has been a few years) the hard part is finding a place to fish where people aren't right on top of you.
I am sure the tactics have changed some since I have been down there..There is always some new hot set up. 
I don't like the way they run the co-angler though..I would like to at least be able to bring my own rods. 


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