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TBF No Entry Fee Division Championship Series Set for 2013

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TBF No Entry Fee Division Championship Series Set for 2013

Ponca City, Okla. - November 16, 2012 The Bass Federation (TBF), the national leader in NO cost or low cost tournament fees, announced today the dates and locations of the seven 2013 No Entry Fee Division Championships. This year's hosts are the state federations of Washington, Arizona, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

* September 1-6, TBF Northern Division Championship, Ohio River, Wheeling, West Virginia
Read complete article on Tournament News for details and full schedule.

I will never understand how they can have the NORTHern division in West Virginia.  Come on now, how "north" is that really?  I'll tell you how north it is, it's so "north" that I could never afford to make the trip should I qualify.

Did West Virginia suddenly become a northern state?  And the Ohio River?  We always figured that's where the south began when heading to Florida and such.  There is so much good water in the NORTH that I simply don't understand choices like this for divisional championships.

It's not that big a deal. It is the Ohio federation's turn to host the Northern Divisional. Their choices are pretty limited. Lake Erie or the Ohio River pretty much. I don't know why they were not going to pick Sandusky or another part of Erie this year. I didn't ask anyone about it. I was just told it would not be out of Sandusky this time around.

Wheeling seems to be a  popular place to base Ohio River tournaments out of for a while now. It's the only major city on the East edge of Ohio along the Ohio River. Maybe the fishing is better on that part of the Ohio River or it is a good and popular location? Most of the Buckeye Division BFL events go out of either Maysville in the middle South part of the Ohio Border, or out of two locations actually in Indiana just West of their border.

It's only ~420 miles from GR, not too much farther than to Patoka in Indiana or Winnebago in Wisconsin, and closer than anything like La Crosse or a location in Minnesota.

Regardless, everyone is in the same boat wherever it is held. Fishing different types of waters in different places makes you a better angler. If you aren't already on the state team from last year's state championship, you don't have to worry about going to Wheeling. You can fish the 2013 TBF of Michigan state championship and fish the 2014 Northern Division IN MICHIGAN!!

One thing I will add is that I was always glad I went to every single divisional I ever had the chance to go to, even as an alternate or board rep. They're always fun and interesting. Lots of comradery and learning potential. Often made new friends, not always just from the 'home' state. Networking is just as important in fishing as anything else. Plus, there's that chance to make it to really big tournaments through qualifying.

Team houston:
I agree. I always like seeing new water and its more fun than I think it will be.


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