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Bigger bass tournaments coming to Michigan

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; What would be your thoughts on a tournament series coming to michigan that offered a $10,000 first place prize at each tournament based on 50 boats. This would be 90% payout at each tournament. Would you fish it even is you had to pay $250 per team each tournament which includes big bass. The payouts would go up if there were over 50 boats, plus sponsor incentives. Would you fish it or not. Just brain storming at this point, ideas welcome.

It would have to be a reputable organization to get me to drop that kind of cash. 

Is this a winner take all event??.  with the entry and number of boats at 90% pay out plus big bass there is not a lot left over. 

Not a winner take all event.  The pay structure will have to change a little depending on the number of boats. $10,000 for first was just an example of what it could be.  The hope and life of this series will depend on sponsor contributions.  We would like to make it similar to Bass Champs or Texas team trails format. 

PineLk 49:
Is this East and  or West side or both


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