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2013 dues for The Bass Boys

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Payment sent via Bass Boys website..

If you are going to fish the BFLs or Everstart the sooner you get this in to Dan the better...You have to have your 2013 membership paid before you can Register...

I just paid my Dues to Dan last night and tried to Register for the Everstart this morning and it wouldn't let me sign up...My I will have to wait for my 2013 info to get loaded..

BFL registrations are just around the corner...

As I said, they did not do that last year and I had no indication they were making people wait until TBF national has your dues. They told me that they just have to see you on the online roster and know that your club has sent your dues in to the state.

So if i call the FLW registration Number they will have the TBF info??

My membership still shows expired on the FLW site...I will call them this Morning...

I called them today and got registered for the Everstart... All is good.


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