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2013 dues for The Bass Boys

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Whew!! That is how they told me it would work and I have not heard anything has changed. I always like to know something is working right (as right as it can for now).

TBF national seems to be doing a pretty good job updating their records. I've noticed fairly quick updates for the people who purchased the Federation Angler fishing rod deal with included memberships, even shortly after Thanksgiving.

I also have noticed a large number of new members coming in from a number of states. There must be something good going on to see that many new members already being added for 2013.

Maybe NBAA members?

Not yet from what I understand talking to TBF Inc a few days ago. We are seeing some good growth in a number of states for 2013 already. That kind of growth is always good! I talked to them about our membership numbers. We are doing pretty good nationally and seeing a ton of growth in the youth programs.

I talked to them about posting our membership numbers publicly to show how strong we are nationally. It is something they have discussed by not made up their mind about yet. I was thinking it would demonstrate how strong we are nationally just to give them my opinion.


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