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2013 dues for The Bass Boys

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Though I have not updated The Bass Boys membership page to show 2013 yet (busy busy busy... :) ) you can start to sign up for the 2013 TBF membership any time now using the online button.

Just ignore that it says 2012, I will be putting all sign-ups from this point on towards 2013, not 2012.

You can also mail in payments following the instructions on that page. Just make sure you follow all instructions please. I have not been notified of any dues change but that is always a possibility though I don't expect any changes for 2013 at this time. If there is a change, I will fix it with you later.

Remember I match up boaters and non-boaters who do not sign up as a matched pair (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and the ONLY guaranty) in the order you pay your club dues. I already have 1 member signed up. You need to be in and noted at TBF national to get your early sign-up benefits for various 2013 tournament events.

I do not know where the 2013 state championship will be. I will announce the details as I get them. Watch too.

TBF national has a fishing rod sale / membership promotion going on right now that some of you might be interested in - check out

Team houston:
Dan, am I reading that right. $100 you get both rods and your membership paid for?

You get your TBF Inc (national) dues - $15 and FLW Outdoors dues - $35 covered for 2013 as long as you have not already paid your dues into TBF Inc (national).

You still owe the $25 TBF of Michigan dues and any club dues. The Bass Boys does not have club dues. From what I can see so far, you'd send me $25 and tell me you have bought the rods (on/after 10/15/2012). I would send state dues into TBF of Michigan still.

I will create a new button and additional instructions sometime this month since I've already had 1 member say he was going to try this. I didn't know about this new setup until 2 days ago either.

Team houston:
So how does it work for a lifetime member? If I pay the $25 for TBF of michigan dues do I get the rods?

You have to buy 2 rods for $100 (adult members) before their supply runs out from FIRST. Make sure you got the deal including that they will cover your TBF national and FLW Outdoors dues. Then you can join The Bass Boys for only $25.

If you pay your membership before you buy the rods you just get the rods.

If you are an FLW Outdoors life member, then they just cover your TBF national dues.


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