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tool & die, electrician, mach repair,pipefitter

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; The Ford plant I work at in Saline ,Mi. is hiring all the above. Must be a journyman. Tools provided. The plant has been sold to an interior co. call faurecia. The pay is 28.00 i'm pretty sure and not sure of the benefits. You can reply for more info or call security at 734 429 6900 and ask for info. Just thought id put it out there.

Thanks for posting this very helpful information. I really appreciate every single time any of you try to help others out!!

I am transferring. But the new company is still looking for people as others transfer. Especially electricians

I just saw another post and it got me thinking. They do need welders also. They can pick up on other things as they go. Probably be gen. Maintenance

Hey bigshow... where are you going, Rawsonville ? we just picked up about 45 people from saline


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