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Who's fishing the SFO this weekend???

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; See you there.....I'm Going as a Co angler(You have to be in the top 3 in my club to go as a boater)....Forgot what a pain in the butt it is to switch everything over to a few rods and a small tackle bag... ;D

I was never any good at that! Just ask all the boaters who ever drew me or I lost the coin flip to! Besides, almost every time I pared down 'real good' I ended up regretting it. I don't think I can recall a time I brought 'too much' stuff ever regretting that. Sure, I got tired of a few of the real complainers...

I have seen a few of our members talking on facebook about getting ready for the event - St. Clair I think, right? I keep asking them to post their schedules on here or at least send me the state championship and Jr state championship info but I don't apparently remember to remind them enough.

Since you posted about it on here, I am sending all of my good luck to you! Good luck! You will probably win now! ;D

My crazy bad luck continued this year.....I caught a nice sack the first day, probably in the 15- 16lb area maybe a tad heavier...That would have put me solidly in the hunt...Only one problem, we checked in an hour late and we were DQd...My boater had just gotten back from the divisional on the Mississippi river and didn't reset his GPS units..I don't wear a watch anymore and didn't pull my cell phone out of my tackle bag...I don't want anyone to see me with my phone out just in case it causes an issue..I still shoulder the blame as much as my boater and am trying to look at it as a lesson learned....
The second day I went out with a boater that had struggled the day before so we just played around and tried to find new water in the river.The weather was great and we just spent the day fun fishing and cruising around.

In my Opinion the BASS State fish off this year was very well run...Probably the best one that I have attended.  The Dinner the night before and the draw went well and they had some pretty awesome raffle prizes..The weigh ins both days ran smoothly and the picnic on friday afternoon was a nice touch after a long day on the water...
Good job federation board and the rest of the guys that volunteered their time....It was a big improvement over the last SFO that I attended on LSC..

Boy... I've got to pull out some of my old recommendations and tips! I used to look at the new/young guys and chew them out for not having a watch. I learned the hard way too by forgetting my watch one day! It was a bad lesson I did not enjoy learning.

I had to get after a number of people over the years and as I'm getting out of tournaments I noticed a dangerous trend starting a while ago - angler counting on their phones and GPS only for time. I saw that bite several people the last few years I did much tournament fishing!

Get a watch. In fact, be a little djkimmel OCD and do like a few of my time-challenged partners - strap an extra waterproof watch to your trolling motor cable! I saw that save a few people over the years. Haven't seen anyone do it in quite a while. Sounds like it needs to make a comeback!

GPS antennae's fail. Phones run out of juice. Timex watches take a licking and keep on ticking! Two watches - even better!! ;D

I agree...Maybe I shouldn't call it "bad luck" more like my own stupidity.... ;)

You would think after 23 years in the Military and a watch being part of the uniform I would know better..... :-[


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