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Kent Lake Walleyes


var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; Hows the walleye fishing on Kent Lake right now? I don't fish for walleyes much but my buddy has seen the same boat on Kent Lake the last two days and he thinks they are fishing for walleyes. Could they be? If you were going to fish for walleyes on Kent Lake right now how would you approach it? Would artificial or live bait be the way to go? Trolling or jigging? Where you try, the old river channel?

Just curious, thanks in advance for any and all responses.


I've caught quite a few walleyes while bass fishing out there.   This time of the year I would be throwing minnow baits.  I always tend to get a few near the bridge and near the West fishing pier.  I have also found that I catch quite a few in the weeds in 6-8 feet of water...on rattle traps of all things (the quarter ounce, not the half ouncers)...

I was talking to a guy on another board and he's doing really well with the jigging method.this is at belleville lake.

I plan to go out there tommorrow and see how i do...i never fished for walleyes myself.

What few times I've been out on Kent - mostly early and late in the year - I've caught a couple walleyes and had a couple big ones chase up trap type baits in 6 to 8 feet of water around weeds like jcheetam says. The ones I caught were around the bridges.


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