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Daughter and Son in law moving to Michigan, needs a job in metal Fab, Welding.

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var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; My oldest daughter and her husband want to move to Michigan and they have 4 children, he has been in the metal fabricating and welding line of work for 15 years. He needs to make at least 20.00 an hour, if you know of anything along these lines, let me know. After 15 years of not having my daughter and grand kids here its not good. I would love to see them live here. Call if you know of anything. 248-887-1129 Benny!!! Thanks.

Everyone who is on here, you would think someone has a lead, but I guess thats how bad the economy is in Michigan.

With companies outsourcing so many skilled jobs it is tough........I have seen a few adds around lately and have read articles stating businesses are having a hard time finding employees with the right skill set in manufacturing...

Ford posted an add for skilled trades in the paper a few weeks ago.....You may be able to do a google search and find the info...2 of the plants that were hiring were from out of state but one was from southeast Michigan....

Skilled trades start out at almost full wage but production workers start out at around 14 bucks an hour but go up to 19 at a pretty decent rate......He may want to consider taking lower scale work to get in the door someplace and then work up from there...
I don't really have much information on hiring but there seems to be some movement in the big 3.....You could probably find some information googling or networking somewhere..

Good luck....

i know you are in the 248 area so i assume that is where they will be looking... but i am in the structural steel business up here in Saginaw and although there are quite a few companies up this way hiring none wil start out at $20.00,  most are paying between $12-15 depending on experience.  Shop foremen can make $20+ but those jobs seem to be hard to come by.  If he is looking up this way Merrill Fab in Merrill Michigan is hiring all sorts of fabricators, they have multiple shops around mid Michigan...might be one to try out.  Best of luck to him

Thanks, and Merrill fab did talk to him but wanted to start him out at 13.00 an hour, but with 4 children that would not good. Thanks!!!!


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